UNBOUNDARY: BodiScapes V.3.0


“What is it?”
For starters, let’s call it BodiScapes. The module, formerly known as the anti-body, has changed. The geometric non-objective entity finds new form as anode, a connection to the larger mass, and becomes a mutable surface of great continual proportion. It communicates after all; it replicates itself,transforms into a unified whole. The anti-body, borne as the antithesis of space, becomes an infinite plane, a landscape with multiple horizons. BodiScapes is yet another inversion of Part II: Anti-Bodies, combining the spatial pursuits of Part I: Tactonics in real physical form, and demonstrating how the non-objective entity can become a subject of interaction, reconciling the body, the landscape, and the event in one construct.

This is an exploration in 3 levels of engagement:
1. Creating a narrative with a non-objective object (non-object) conveying the possibilities of interaction and play through 3D space in the animated medium.

2. Integrating body and movement in space with the digital projection and inhabitation of the projected form. The architecture becomes the living body,the inhabitants of the space become the surfaces. The inhabitant soon becomes aware of their presence as they become one with the surfaces. The projected image of the animation forms their bodiscapes which become translated back as moving form on the walls. Tactonics has been achieved through the corporeal light on walls, floor, and ceiling, like the flickering shadows of the primeval cave paintings made to tell us that once, “I was here”.

3. Non-object becomes the subject- antibodies are converted into a surface, an entity, a third horizon folding and enmeshing into itself. As the projected bodies of the inhabitants are converted to the architectural substrate(subjects become objects), the BodiScape video appears as a ghost, suspended in the centre of the space surrounded by corporeal projection (non-object becomes subject).

The plan

Create a space of interaction involving the body and the digital content. Close the feedback loop. Make the image responsive, the environment immersive. Utilize all surfaces as the canvas. Create progression. Dominance with audio / visual narrative. Open-ended platform of a place without a prescribed mandate.

The result

Playfulness.Boredom. Curiosity. “Corporate”. “Rave”. What are we to do? What does this entail? Awaiting a performance, a reveal. Do we dance? The video narration projected onto the body embeds the inhabitant as a part of the video / venue construct, at once a performer and a mediated entity. Active, interactive, interlaced in the landscape, body and architecture become one in the fluidity of the interspatial medium.


As Marcos Novak states, let’s assume all possible notions have been realized;start from there.
The technology of personal computing becomes an extension of our body and sentience, affecting our culture, behaviour, ways of communicating, and ways of thinking. Technology is integrated into our lives via a device/s we adapt our behaviour around, yet the environment in which we conduct / interact with these devices is static, agnostic. What if we were to immerse our corporeal behaviour into an environment that reacts and responds in a cohesive intuitive medium, as intimate as a second skin; communicates in real time, life-size, tangible ways…. What are the implications? Do corporate mandates take over these adaptable spaces and convert them into virtual retail-enhanced experiences, able to change storefronts and product showrooms with a new install (and is this bad)? Or does a 4D space become reduced to a glorified arcade of entertainment? Does it open new ways for free communication in public space? A new forum ofexpression for media art and design? The political eye of sousveillance is up for grabs. I don’t know the answers, and am not sure it matters at this time. All that comes to mind are the following questions:

When We inhabit space, what fills the void.

How does the Event happen.

Who are We when I am with you.

Where does the body start when the walls end.

What comes between the 1 and 0, the integer moment of breath and….

Dominance without submission.

The one without nothing.

How can space affect the quality of time, here, now.

Architecture and the body fuse together in an endless program.

Part IV:Digital interactive Live Space.

To be continued.

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