I am just a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy

Everything I say has come before

Assemble into something into something into something

I don’t know for certain anymore

-NIN, Copy of A, 2013

Behind the manuscript of The Task of the Translator, 3-cycle x7 re-generative algorithm of Walter Benjamin

The Task of the Translator by Walter Benjamin – a prelude to the translations of Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs de mal originally translated from French into German – has been translated from Benjamin’s version into English in many variations. Benjamin’s own reflections of the task in transcribing Baudelaire inextricably ties his position to the content as an inescapable condition of inhabiting language, thinking within the structure, a being in, versus translating through language. He advances the idea that translators have a tendency to reify meaning within a context of language suited to the translator’s means of communication, a law of nature first exemplified in the naming of things in scriptures of religion as the first testament to a method of control and commandment (Derrida, Archive Fever).

Herein lies a paradox Benjamin reflects upon in his treatise: the meaning of a piece of literature changes with the variables of fidelity and license: the accuracy of translated words is not mutually exclusive from the embodied spirit of meaning. Further, not all works of literature possess translatability, such as the translation of a translation. 

The following is a transcript of Walter Benjamin's The Task of the Translator, originally published in 1923. The text is formulated through a process of inputting the complete text into a translation program (Google Translate) starting from English, transferring text into 3 successive translations, returning to a base translation (English version 2). This process was repeated 7 times, with the final re-generative version (English version 7) re-constructed with a final interpretation.

As the software is based on a linguistic algorithm intended to translate words into the most prevalent context and use of the time, the words are in constant flux; no translation will ever be the same.

Key generator:

Transcribed PDF to word.doc

Input to Google translate: English to French

Input to Google translate: French to Hindi

Input to Google translate: Hindi to Greek

Input to Google translate: Greek to English2 = V2.

Input to Google translate: English2 to Korean

Input Google translate: Korean to Japanese

Input Google translate: Japanese to Chinese (simplified)

Input to Google translate: Chinese to English3 = V3.

Input to Google translate: English to Russian

Russian to Hebrew

Hebrew to Arabic

Arabic to EnglishV4

English to Afrikaans

Afrikaans to Zulu

Zulu to Swahili

Swahili to English5


English5 to Moari

Moari to Filipino

Filipino to Jawanese

Jawanese to English6


English6 – German

German – English Final

V7, as follows:

Text in Bold is the final interpretive analysis of the translation in the following excerpts.

-February 11 2014

Try art appreciation and the recipient. Art is not the answer , the science and the foundation of the spiritual life of the people. When I was a student still , and not an agreement , the browser you can imagine.

If one tries to appreciate art, the recipient will find that art is not the answer – nor is science – as the foundation of the spiritual life of the people. When I was a student, you can imagine that the browser, or interface to all the data available at the time, was not a source of agreeable information.

Society, and we do not know the source? The difference can be sufficiently described in the prior art and the situation. In addition, you may think that to speak for the "right" . "He's in the book" What information ?

This raises big questions: Where did Society come from, and how do we not know the source? Perhaps the art of the past and its context or situation can be sufficiently described as the difference in what is knowable and what is found. In addition, you may think that if “He’s [Society] in the book”, there is given authority, a “right” to exist (in the past, present and future). But what information is being transferred?

Otherwise translation . Users translator understood the money Szhhhoklhhazr Hiabaih Trgommshmot was two .. I then offer legal with the opportunity to continue to us all , and all for the idea and the first Cihshalh , given the size of the prototype of the problems that many people are familiar with the report , however , the import, for example, still on life? . At the time I did all milisoume.anamnisi . Moreover, in order to get some of them to look into the culture. The ability Hiahlk Vicirthhumr well .

Gift (hibah) (Arabic)

Szhhhoklhhazr= dzhokhar = essence (Persian)

Shemot – Names (Hebrew)

milisoume.anamnisi – talk remembrance (greek)

Perhaps it is otherwise known as translation. For example, the translator of information understood that money was both information and confirmation of translatable existence: it was the ‘name’ (shemot) of a “gift” (hibah), and the “essence” (Dzhokhar). It then offered the first legal right for all an opportunity, and the idea (inspiration) to continue. However, given the size of the initial prototype of this system, the problems of which many people are familiar with in the reporting of such, it questioned the values – for instance – was the import of society still on life? At the time of the written reports, it noted the all-importance of “talk remembrance” [oral tradition], moreover to encourage the tradition, and to look into the talk-remembrance culture. The ability to “Hiahlk Vicirthhumr”, or talk truth well*.

*translation unavailable – phonetic cues and context of previous texts provided the interpretation

Do not open, but the best way to Japan and elsewhere. Therefore, the only source of employment , although the law and the facts of the situation to hear . So now we can see the natural logarithm of the background is extensive. Life Unmetaphorical Mlavitzirot Amnotophilosofih Institute. But less accuracy and bias in the blood, and life is good . In some cases, you can manage your life. History of philosophy of life, the life of the evidence. In this case , I cry. Yahoo is a good translator rays. Another of the west go Modcnbhiim Sabrbaufn flowers.

Money (as a metaphor for information) does not always open doors, but may be the best way globally, to Japan, and elsewhere. Therefore it may be the only source of employment, although the law and the facts of the situation are still awaiting to hear evidence of this. So now we can see the natural logarithm of the background to this is power of information is extensive. I am not a philosopher in the institute of life unmetaphorical: but if there were less accuracy and bias in the blood, life would be seen in the light as being “good”, and In some cases, a method to manage your life. The history of philosophy teaches thus, that life is the evidence. In this case, it saddens me to think that my browser of information (Yahoo) is a good translator like the rays of light on a dying flower of the West.

The concept longest life expectancy Nalhlbali . The relationship between the life and the sky in the first, but not too much memory , and there is no place for a simple Lhufiabtnoah last Slhmtra Ablhtooh . The results are expressed purpose of life , of all things , I want to value life , and the results , and finally, the representative of the country at the end. Finally , because of the relationship between the translation Mrczhttzogh . You can expect to see signs of ambiguous emotional power , in other places, and I - .. Also Aiumshalh central question about the relationship between the expression Hsfhuhayntgrtzih Diamond ' s purely Chinese Foreign and communities past and all I wanted to do in the past.

The concept of the longest life conceived as the relationship between life and the universe is the first order: detached from memory; without place for simplicity, the last. Life expresses its purpose in the result of all things: I want to value life, and its beautiful results, and finally, be a representative of that country at the end, embodied in the relationship of meaning and translation. When in this mode, you can expect to see ambiguous signs, that of emotional power in other places. The central question about this relationship is sought between the expression of the past and present (foreign Chinese communities of the past seeking reconciliation imagined as saying: “All I wanted to do remains in the past”).

I want to get the word of this article " Rksfh new Hihsimohok history and , before that," [F ] For more information and Slhmhakr , I Hlkbtaurih traditional style at a glance. Fitness Slhgrsh Sbohsfh English and not only to the concept of used to do it soon , includes model ? In fact , this style is now open the book, and a deep connection with the money left over. I Anshuhumology other . Domyoto where young voice. I'm writing a dry paper 's lead author Hiamgmh delete it . Too bad , and the problem of the application. With regard to the process of obtaining the address forgot to make many , and power.

At a glance, history may be the traditional style. The “new history before” is not only a concept but in fact includes the model of information as the new style now opening the book to a deep connection; commerce is left out, leading to humanology as the “other”. The young voice of the words I write dry, and the paper’s lead author deletes it. This is the problem of the application with regard to the process of the new history, obtaining the one place but forgetting to address the power of many.

Well , to record the sound so high and simply known , without the Japanese should aftonoito.exakolouthei .. Cleaning. And it is not alone in the back, and the extent and impact of the document Llachnaksr Binadmion Hhistoriutlveniih Slhsibot between the two languages , the word and grammar - .. Language problems and the desire the same language in the sense that the perfect job is not to remove the target to restrictions on the language and concepts of the world use . The story shows how such a little fruit and focus on this kind of disease, " to" , usually as an introduction to the report of Htoohorhok .. And the Holy Spirit , and the screen saver Alhfitoh a translator ?

aftonoito.exakolouthei – self continues

To record a thought well, the Japanese look to heights simply known as the continuous cleansing of the self (aftonoito exakolouthei – self-continues, Greek). And the process is not without problems: back and forth, the extent and impact of the document between the two languages of words and grammar, there arises the problem of language in the desire for the perfect sense of the same language, the intent is not to remove the target to restrict the language to concepts of worldly use. Yet the story shows how such a little effect will focus on this kind of disease: is it an introduction, a report, scriptures of the Holy Spirit, the screen-saver as translator?

Of course, the language issue is to establish Huaftron little time. So, in some ways , the development of faith, lose the bone built sound capabilities . We can not do it , but Zcilarichot fruit , and the structure of the body , no doubt , the Slhhhlta good work. I want to be one of these houses , and changes in the source Slhhistorih Bauoiroat

Of course, the issue concerning language is to establish oneself in the Hereafter in such little time we have. So, in some ways, the development of faith is lost in the sound bones of the built (fabricated) structure. If this is the case, we cannot do it: we cannot bear fruit if the structure of the body is without doubt, and the soul of good work. I want to be one of these structures in the language of time, one of these many houses that change in the spirit of history, from the source.

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